Capitol of Switzerland! We spent a day wandering around this city while the ‘rents visited some more museums. We met up after lunch and continued our wandering together though. Apparently the Swiss Alpine Museum was nice, for those interested. This city is very gorgeous and when you think “Old fairy tale Europe,” Bern’s downtown would fit nicely into your mental image. The downtown area is listed as a World Heritage site and has a huge covered promenade so you can shop sans Umbrella, as well as a large medieval clock complete with moving puppets when the new hour hits. While you’re looking at shops, you may pass Albert Einstein’s home when he discovered the Theory of Relativity. Not far from downtown is the famous “Bear pit” where at least 3 bears live and hang out. They lounge on the hill side near the river with a beautiful view of the city. While we were there, the local church, Münster, had a special climbing of their tower. We went up right at sunset and got some lovely photos of Bern from 344 steps up! The climb wasn’t to bad, but it certainly spurred my minor fear of heights. It is also in a small corkscrew style staircase, so when you do reach the top, you may be dizzy. This special evening climb also included Glühwein or apple punch when you returned to the bottom, but since we were the first group, they didn’t change the signs from the day-climbs and we went down the wrong staircase. We didn’t want to leave empty handed though, so we climbed back up and went down the correct side and were rewarded with our glühwein! Yummm.






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