Okay, actually, this was Christmas… Mürren!

On Christmas Eve, what started as a hangover slowly turned into some stomach bug which stayed with me until Christmas day. So while the family was jolly and enjoying the Christmas “tree” and gifts, I was sitting on the couch wondering if I had a fever, and kept a mental tab on the quickest route to the bathroom. Being the excellent sport that I am though, ::brushes off shoulder::, I got on the train to head to Mürren with minimal whining. In my opinion anyway.
Mürren is a small city in the Oberland-Bernese Mountain area in south-west ish Switzerland. It has a population of 450, but has enough hotel beds to sleep 2000 people. It thrives on tourism, and its pretty easy to understand why. This small mountain town has amazing views of three large mountains, the Eiger, the Jungfrau (young-lady) and the Mönch (the monk). In 1968 it was chosen as the filming location of the James Bond movie On her Majesty’s Secret Service, something that is still remnant in souvenirs. The town is unreachable by public cars, you must use trams and trains to reach it and the summit of the ski slopes. We stayed at the Hotel Alpenruh, which is 10 min from the train to Mürren, but right next door to the ski lift.
My sickness made a rapid recovery on the train ride over, on the way to Bern (leg 1), I was in achey-sick-pain and cold despite a hat, mittens, scarf, and jacket. From Bern to Interlaken, I started to warm up, and by the time we made it to the hotel I was feeling human but still just preferred to rest in the hotel room. While the parents went hiking, I rested and by dinner time I was feeling pretty good. I was even hungry and enjoyed the hotel’s Christmas dinner. All through dinner we talked about Jeff’s childhood which was predominately about him harassing teachers, refusing to be put on ADD meds, and being a general incessant know-it-all.
The next morning I was feeling down right good, so we rented skies and a board (we didn’t bring ours because we didn’t think I would be in boarding shape) and rode the mountain for the day. It’s hard to say it wasn’t a good time, because the views were breathtaking, but Schilthorn is not a place for snowboarders. The tracks are narrow and straight, which is uncomfortable for a boarder in my opinion, and also have a lot of flat and uphill spots, which is troublesome. I still had a good time, but it is not my favorite place to board. For lunch we ate at Piz Gloria, the rotating panorama restaurant at the top of all the lifts. I recommend the Hungarian goulash.
Waiting for someone to tell me where to go.


Absolute top of the mountain. Celsius.


 On the way back to the train in Mürren.


Panorama from the viewpoint before the lift to Piz Gloria


At the top of one of the lifts


Beverly and Fred


Niki and Jeff

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