This weekend Jeff and I had a tournament in Munich. They didn’t have a coed division, so our usual coed team split into Open and Woman’s. Indoor is played 5v5 and we had 6 players, so I got a lot of play time and two days later I am still awfully sore. While the men took last place, our women’s team won the tournament! We played the finals against the Czech Republic team “Yellow Fever” who we had lost to earlier in the tournament. It was really exciting! I didn’t play all that great, but I definitely improved throughout the weekend. I need to learn how to catch high fast blades…

We stayed in Munich (München) on Sunday night and on Monday I walked around the city (more like hobbled) while Jeff worked in the Google office there. Munich is a beautiful city, it has amazing Gothic churches, and architecture. It also has a humongous park not to far from the city center. They also don’t mess around with their beer, for about 9 euro you can get a 1L beer. Served in a large big gulp like glass. In addition to the beer, the local food is not bed either, though similar to Switzerland. Weisswurst is a white breakfast sausage that is pretty yummy, it is veal, mixed with bacon, spiced with parsley.  The skin is not edible though, so you have to peel that away first. We also had knödel, which is a ball made from bread or potatoes, and is about the size of a baseball, served as a side dish.

I don’t know much German history, so I’ll pick my prettiest pictures and try to do a quick Wikipedia search to figure out what they are.

Really cool facade.

Theatinerkirche is a church built in an italien style architecture.

Monument of the Angel of Peace (friedensengel). It is meant to represent the 25 years of peace after the Franco-German war.

This is the large park in Munich. Its called the Englischer Garten, and is larger than Central Park at 1.4 sq.mi.

Siegestor (Victory Gate), it now is seen as a monument of peace, though was dedicated to the strength of the Bavarian army. It was significantly damaged in world war II but has been partially restored.

This is the Rathaus (city hall) located in the main square of Munich, Marienplatz. The main tower is called a Glockenspiel, and is a clock tower. I thought that this was a church all weekend. Its definitely an impressive building and beautiful to look at. There is a restaurant that has outdoor seating in the middle of the square where we enjoyed our liters of beer.

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