St. Gallen

This week we went to St.Gallen, we did it on a Saturday so that Jeff could come along. I chose to go to St.Gallen because of the city’s Abbey Library. The city is the main city of Eastern Switzerland (not much going on there it seems) and it very charming and beautiful. The city has a colorful history, but to sum it up, St Gallen was a catholic city, but then the citizens (mainly rural farmers) revolted and it changed into a protestant city. The abbey though has always remained catholic.

The significance of the Abbey is that is has books from the 9th century, 400 of the 170,000 works date to before the year 1000. There were no cameras allowed inside so I’ll pull some from the internet, but it was an incredible room. The ceiling is painted with several images and the whole rooms is built with this dark decorative wood. Most of the books are obviously religious (monks were the only ones who could write back then mostly) and have some of the earliest musical notation. Along with the lyrics, only the relative pitch would be symbolized above the words, so it was more of a memory aid then instructions. The Abbey is also a protected World Heritage site.

 The Cathedral attached to the Library
 Other side of the cathedral.

I’m pretty sure this was designed by Santiago Calatrava, a famous architect I’ve done reports on. He is known for his “weightless” linear structures.

These old style buildings are found all over the place in the down town area.

This is an artist installation called “City Lounge.” It covers about 2 blocks and is this rubber red material. There is mostly benches and tables, but also one car.

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