I spent the last four days before my expulsion from Shengen countries in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is really a jack of all trades, with its wholesome and safe Delft art (ceramics with blue paint in different shades), comic wooden shoes, beautiful tulips, and enchanting windmills (at least to Don Quixote). It also has an impressive art collection, with a three story Van Gogh museum and several Rembrandt pieces in the Rijksmusuem. Also, there is the Anne Frank house, which was interesting as well. Amsterdam is also a city built around water, and so there are many canals to walk around and cute houseboats. The buildings are pretty awesome too, since buildings were charged on the width, Dutch builders decided to just build up instead of out. This makes the city tall and the buildings tilt in odd directions, many buildings lean to the side or forward. Which is awesome.

Amsterdam is also the real playground for adults, and makes Las Vegas look like Disneyland. In Amsterdam a coffee shop is actually a place to buy weed, and mushrooms are available for purchase from rarer, but still frequent, head shops. Also, there is a thriving Red Light District that are not required to have blacked out windows, so they look like normal establishments and not creepy window less sketch holes. You can do things legally here that are still illegal in Las Vegas, and the city hasn’t fallen into irreparable sinful despair either. It has a nice relaxed, laid-back atmosphere.

The food is also really good. They like eating french fries with mayonnaise, which isn’t as bad as you’d think. They also have pancakes that are more crepe like, but slightly different, and definitely delicious. Its similar to a “dutch baby” in the US but thinner I think. We also ate dinner at what turned out to be a fancy restaurant (we just randomly chose one) that made amazing food. We had a lobster and shrimp corquette which was breaded and fried lobster mush with chunks of shrimp. It was amazing. The whole meal was awesome though and the portions were huge, we didn’t need to eat for 24 hours.

Amsterdam, I highly recommend it.


 Freddy Krueger works in Amsterdam now apparently
 This is how I will decorate my future home. Sorry future neighbors.
 Clever use of typography.
 I think it’s funny that it’s called the Homomonument.
 I love horses, I am 6 years old.
 Absinthe, hallucinate the rainbow
 Coffee shops
 An apparently famous leather store.
 Cool building.
The line for the Anne Frank house went around the corner.



I find these lizards to be ironic, in a city that people can be high and hallucinating, these are so real looking that it would be frightening.

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