Dublin, before St.Patricks Day, Lonely Girl Adventures Episode 2

On Tuesday, I headed out to Dublin! A mere seven hour travel from London. I went from London, to Chester, to Holyhead, and then a ferry to Dublin. It was pretty boring and when I tried reading or writing I got a headache, and I forgot my outlet converter, so I couldn’t type either. I decided to go on this trip because my friend Colin Jensen was going to be there and I was excited to explore a new city with a friend, rather then by myself. I was slightly naive about the situation, and booked everything really late, and had to get a hotel instead of a hostel, but I think it was worth it. The train was a good choice, because the weather was good, and wales is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Green fields with thick bush walls breaking it up into squares with sheep, cows, and horses grazing. Small cute villages popping up every couple of minutes.

When I made my transfer in Chester, I sat across from some guy, who turned out to be going to Dublin too. He was from Australia, and his name was Richard. We chatted on the ferry, two hours, and he also played Ultimate! Later that night we walked to our hostel/hotel, which was a feat because it was 9pm and we didn’t have a map. After our successful hunts, we bid each other farewell til Friday morning.

The first cool thing I walked to from my hotel is St Stephens Green. It’s a small park, but the flowers were blooming and they were gorgeous. It made me think of the billion bulbs my mom always liked planting in the fall.

From there, I walked into the main part of downtown, down Euston St and Grafton St. Everywhere had orange, white, and green balloons. Temple Bar had some non-corporate pubs and stores, and cobble streets. I dropped my camera on them, but it toughed it out.

I walked to the ‘medieval’ district, and took pictures of Christchurch, I know nothing about it, because I didn’t want to pay to get in and find out.

From there I wandered to the Guinness Storehouse, I had no order for the day, I literally wandered around aimlessly for hours. The Guinness brewery/store house is huge, spanning a few blocks and several buildings. I decided to take the tour of the brewery, mostly because my brother brews beer, and I like Guinness, so that gave me more direction than anything else did that day. It was actually a lovely tour, and from a graphic design perspective, really well done.







They had a section about advertising for Guinness that I thought was really interesting. They once put two designers in a hotel room and locked them in until they came up with something good, 2 days went by until they came up with the Genius campaign:

Arthur also paid 100 euros for the lease the brewery and store house are currently on. The lease is for 9000 years, and it’s only been 250.

It was the day before St.Patrick’s day, and after taking in more of the city, I found my friends (yay!) and we went to see the first St.Patrick’s Festival event. I guess this was the end of Lonely Girl Adventures for this trip. Near St.Stephen’s Green there was a stage that taught people how to irish dance, and how to speak some Gaelic. There was costumed individuals as well!



 “You have nice horn, like me?” said the viking stilt lady to Colin.



After this is got dark, so we went to a pub and watched soccer and drank Guinness. We met some nice Irish men with guitars. I went home to my hotel, and enjoyed a bath. Tomorrow was going to be a big day!

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