Lacock – Lonely Girl Adventures Episode 1.66

After the Stone Henge, the tour took us to a small town in Wiltshire called Lacock. History of Lacock: having been recorded in the Domesday book (the data collected in a large UK survey), which means that it existed in 1036. Through the middle ages it thrived off of the wool industry, and as a convenient market place, as it was a crossing point of a River Avon. (Avon is the roman word for river, so what was a label seems to be mistaken as a name on old maps. This means there are 6 independent, unconnected River Avons in England and Scotland). Most of Lacock was owned by the Talbot family, but as taxes rose and the wool industry dropped, the Talbots had to either sell or donate the land, so they donated it. Most of the town today is owned by the National Trust, and the buildings were all built from the 15th to 18th centuries. From here, I’ll tell the rest with pictures.

The Red Lion is the most popular pub name in Great Britian, with 700+ establishments bearing its name. We went to a different pub though, in order to celebrate out successful tour, which these photos are from.


This pub was built in 1308. Throughout the day, a nice Australian family on the tour figured out that I was traveling alone, and the older man in the group offered to take pictures of me in front of various things. They were awesome. Here, I discovered the existence of alcoholic ginger beer, which made my day.

This is the inside of one of the blind houses I talked about in the stone henge post. I think that’s a tiolet in the corner, which is silly because you shouldn’t be able to see anything.

Also in Lacock is a tithe barn. Tithe is an old word of tenth, and the way the barn worked is that you would carry in all your harvest from the year and leave one tenth behind as a form of tax. The door you entered from is one tenth larger than the door you leave from, playing with the idea that your load has to shrink in order to leave out the door.

Lacock is best known for it’s timeless charm.

This is the old Poor house which has been turned into a pottery house/bed and breakfast. At one point more than 100 people lived inside. The workers were made to work like slaves and help build a local railway line.
Now, the best thing about Lacock to me, is that it is used as the film set of some Harry Potter movies! Harry Potter sight seeing continues! It was also used as the set for Pride and Prejudice with Colin Frith, but honestly who cares.
Here is Harry Potter’s house as seen in the Sorcerer’s Stone, I can’t find any movie shots from the internet, so you’ll have to trust me.

Here is the graveyard were Harry visits his parents graves in the latest movie. I haven’t seen that one a bajillion times (not released yet, so of course not) so I wasn’t able to take a photo that would be comparable to the movie, but here it is!

And this is Slughorn’s home in the Half Blood prince. This one I can prove!

The Lacock Abbey is also where the flying lessons and some of the inner Hogwarts scenes in HP1 were filmed. Its a good bit outside the town though, and we didn’t stop there. The Abbey is also where the very first photograph was taken, by Fox Talbot.

Well, after that, I went home to London where we had “build your own pizza” night to celebrate a roomie’s birthday. It was nice to be around people I knew! I still have a lot to get used to with this whole traveling thing.


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