Yeti Hunting

When I was younger, around 4 or 5, my parents took me to Disneyland in California. I don’t remember any of this by the way, its all retold to me, so that should be proof of how traumatizing the situation was, that I blacked it out of my memory bank. The first ride they took me on was the Matterhorn, which is ride based on being chased, attacked, and nearly murdered by a 10ft tall hairy yeti with glowing red eyes. Apparently, I was so frightened by this ride that I refused to go on any other rides that involved being in the dark. No Peter Pan, no Pirates of the Caribbean, no It’s a Small World.  Since then, I’ve always been slightly afraid of the dark, and perhaps that was the life event that started the fear.

I am telling you this though, because I finally took on my fear of yeti’s and went to the real life Matterhorn located in Switzerland. Google was rewarding the YouTube team and sent the engineers and their families to Zermatt Switzerland for a ski weekend. They paid for the hotel, the lift tickets, and a fancy fondue dinner. It was amazing. The whole trip had great weather, and surprisingly good snow. I got to see Jeff for a weekend, and enjoy some glühwein again. I flew into Switzerland on a Wednesday, and we took a train to Zermatt early the next day. I got to see the apartment that Jeff moved into after I left, and also his little kitty Sophia. It was exciting to see my name on the doorbell, know that I belonged there and would someday be allowed back to it. When we got to Zermatt we enjoyed a relaxing day just walking around the town, which was architecturally lovely. That night we took a train up to the top of a mountain and had a meat fondue dinner. It was awesome! Cooking meat and then dipping it in different sauces, I’m drooling just thinking about it. Honestly I think I prefer it over cheese fondue (but not over chocolate fondue).

The next day we woke up late (bottomless wine…) and then went skiing. It took about an hour to get up to the top of the mountain, but we were able to ski into Italy from there so we did it. I’ve been to Italy! It seemed like we could ski forever, whenever you went to another side of a bowl, you could get a lift up the other side, where you could go into yet another bowl on the other side. The view was breath taking as well. Just blue snowy mountains as far as you could see. I also got to see a St Bernard with a barrel under his chin! I would of taken a photo, but I didn’t know we had a camera with us.

There were a lot of places that when skiing you could see, but you couldn’t ski too. I thought it would be really fun to dress up like a yeti and walk along the ridges in these areas. Within easy sight of the lifts and skiers, but not within reach of them. As a boarder, I would of loved to see someone doing that.

After two nights in Zermatt, it was time to go home, and I had a flight in Geneva to catch to make sure I was out of shengen in time to have enough days for Paganello. It was hard saying goodbye to Jeff, and only augmented by the 3.5 hour train ride I had to take alone to the airport.

 This was the view from our hotel room.
First glühwein of the trip!


These are the remains of a yeti that attacked the village. They hang its head as a warning to other yeti-like creatures.


OMG one K!!



This is where we ate dinner. The tower on the right has a telescope connected to a fancy camera.



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