Dublin, St.Patricks Day, Lonely Girl Adventures Episode 2.5

I woke up pretty early and decided to walk into the downtown area for some breakfast. On the way I passed some really interesting street performers. Such as a man with a stand-up piano and men appearing to be walking in intense wind.


I knew I had a long day of drinking ahead of me and I needed to have a lot of food in my tummy. I decided to have a full Irish breakfast, complete with an irish coffe. I was especially intrigued by the black and white pudding, I had no idea what it was, but pudding in the US is delicious, and it means dessert in the UK, so it couldn’t be bad right? What I received was two grainy-bread-like cakes. They didn’t taste sweet, or bad, I wouldn’t order it again, but it wasn’t a horrible experience. Upon later research I learned that black and white pudding is:

” Black pudding, blood pudding or blood sausage is a type of sausage made by cooking blood or dried blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled.”

Yea, so that was lovely.

Next on the agenda was to find Colin’s group for the St.Pat’s Parade. I found them pretty easily and started to hold our ground along a bit of fence for the parade. Some stupid company handed out stupid whistles to stupid kids, so I had the pleasure of constantly having a whistle blown two people down from me. I associate whistles with police for whatever reason, so every ten minutes or so I would forget it was stupid kids and look around for whatever disturbance a police officer would feel the need to alert me about. It was really annoying and confirmed my assumption that my maternal instinct has not kicked in yet. Sorry mom, no grandkids for a long while.

The parade started an hour and a half late, which made me cold and nearly homicidal towards whistle-kids. I’m glad we stuck it out though because it was a fantastic parade. It was definitely themed after some story, but I couldn’t figure out the fairy tale. It has magnificent floats and huge man controlled characters. They had dogs, horses, cars, kids, jazz music, hip hop, dancers, everything. One youth band stopped in front of us and watching the kids drumming was insane. Then a jazz group stopped in front of us and they were so lively and animated it was great entertainment. We were right across from a street block, with no audience across from us, so all the performers faced our group, which was lucky.







After the parade we all went out to lunch, and afterward separated because they went to the Guiness Storehouse and I went to wander around. I was a little confused about what to do alone, but I headed towards St.Patrick’s Cathedral and made a plan of attack, which by the time I got there was: find a bathroom.

After sneakily using a hotel bathroom, I wandered to a pub and watched some of the Cheltenham Horse Races. It wasn’t so bad, but I was counting down the minutes till I met up with Colin’s group. After leaving Lonely Bar 1, I went to Lonely Bar 2, and actually met some American military men who were living in Germany. They were all really nice, and we talked about their kids, and our days, and what we were doing not in America. When it came time to meet Colin’s group I brought them back to the military group and we all hung out for a bit. At some point in the evening, one of the boys got a little to drunk for my comfort and my group made a sleek and quick get away into a kebab shop. I decided to end the night after that, because really, what more could happen? Besides I had a 8:30 am ferry home the next day, and a nice hotel room to myself.

(this is not the one who got too drunk, this one was very nice all night)
Recently Jeff and I spent 6 days driving around the UK and Scotland, I have loads to write about. I also am working on an application to grad school though, so need to prioritize that. I also have a tournament the next two weekends, one of which is in Italy. So maybe some ultimate posts later.

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