Highlands or Bust! Day 2

The second day we didn’t make as much progress as the first, but we still were basking in the glory of having so many days left! Our first stop of the day was to SILVERDALE! UK EDITION! For those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a small town in Washington named Silverdale. Small, conservative, pretty, but corporate… we hung out in the Safeway parking lot during the summer because that is all there was to do. Silverdale UK, I am proud to say, is basically the same thing. Though UK Silverdale is smaller than US Silverdale (UK pop: 1,545. US pop: 15,816 (wait…really?)), both are situated on the water and have a neat old-town section, though in the UK version old-town is also whole town. We stopped and had breakfast, with a nice lady as our host. When I told her I was living in London, she made a face like I was handing her a plate of camel brains, and asked “how do you like it?” I should of known I’d be getting more of that.


After leaving Silverdale, we were nearly out of gas. I spent 25 minutes stressed while Jeff made fun of me as he pulled into a gas station on fumes… I should of known I’d be getting more of that as well.


 Soon, we made it into Scotland! We decided to stop in Glasgow for the night, after only 172 miles of driving. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, and the third largest in the UK. Glasgow is the home to 41% of the Scottish population. This is the city crest, which is inspired by their patron St. Mungo.



After parking the car, Jeff and I walked around for a little bit before finding a bar called the Pot Still to have a beer in. Mmmm warm lager. We played a card game that Jeff has been invented which is inspired by the game of Ultimate. After drinking one beer, we both got a bit tipsy and didn’t realize that people were starring, trying to figure out what we were playing or talking about.


After the beer we went and found a hotel and then to find steak. After we had food in our tummies, we were ready to take on alcohol again. We went to a small cocktail bar (despite being in jeans and sweatshirts) and had some delicious cocktails. The waitress was really good and I’ve never been able to taste the different flavors of alcohol. I’ve always been blinded by the disgusting nail-polish-remover burn that they all seem to have. I enjoyed it a lot. Also, it was funny to see Jeff fall for the waitress’s games to get him to buy more drinks. We didn’t have too much, but she definitely was very friendly to us and at some point it became apparent to me that it was mostly to get us to buy more drinks.



 View of the City from our hotel.

And the next day, we were back on the road.

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