Highlands or Bust! Day 6, Consider Them Busted.

We woke up before our host, and headed out for our final day of our “Highlands or Bust 2011!” adventure. It wasn’t that we woke up particularly early, in fact, he just REALLY slept in. Jeff had a flight to catch that evening and we wanted to fit in stone henge and Avebury before his flight. Grudgingly, we got back in the car. Not that our adventure hadn’t been amazing, we were certainly ready for more great times and memories, but the car… oh the car… There was something about the insanely long ride the day before that made the car almost unbearable. The lacking leg room, the seats just a tad to hard, the cheerios on the floor, the bad radio, it all just built up. We bucked up though and made our way to Bath for a short breakfast. I still was a bit bitter at Bath for being my first and somewhat miserable adventure by myself. It is a beautiful city though.

After breakfast we made our way to Stonehenge, and surprisingly, it looked the same as it did when I was there about a month before. Except this time it was cold and rainy, and windy. I tried to put on a good face for Jeff though. I don’t know why, but whenever it’s the last day he is here, I get supremely mellow, and this time the bad weather wasn’t helping.  I think Jeff was getting bored with the audio guide as well, so after taking his token photo (him drinking with a bottle upside down), we quickly skedaddled. Which was fine because my battery died on the camera and my spare was in the car.


After Stone Henge we headed towards Avebury. My friend Alex told me that I shouldn’t bother with Stone Henge, and that I should just see Avebury, because it’s bigger and you can walk around the stones.  I honestly had no idea what Avebury was. Turns out though that it was guessed to have been constructed in 2600 bce. Like Stone Henge, no one knows why it was built, but guesses are for religious ceremonies and believes. Avebury is actually the name of the town that was built near the stone circles, and that eventually grew into the circles. The only thing clear from the Avebury stone henge is that it took a lot of people a lot of effort to build.

I basically told Jeff we were going to a secret stone henge. We arrived and I was feeling pressured on time so we made a quickish walk around the circle. The henge is still used by farmers as fields for animals, so we enjoyed our walk amongst the sheep that before we had only viewed from the car. Sadly, they did not feel the need to be petted. It was a pretty mellow walk, and we spent it mostly chasing sheep. I did at least. There were baby sheep, of course I tried to pet them.



 We thought this rock looked like a bear on its back holding a triangle.

After organizing the car, we made a mad dash for the airport. It was a sad and tense car ride, because traffic was bad, but he needed to make his flight, but I also didn’t want him to go. We were coming to an end of our 175 mile journey, to bring the total mileage to a whopping 1,469 miles. BOOM.

We made it to the airport with about 30 minutes til Jeff’s flight. I walked him to the security, and watched as he went through. I was hoping he would miss his flight, and be on a train to Peckham right behind me. Sadly, he made it to the gate in time.

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