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I’m not entirely sure if people enjoyed that or not, by that I mean blacking out the location name, but I’m going to continue doing it. At least until I get tired of it. If you hate games, or if you just read blogs as a means of procrastination, and don’t want to be engaged in them anymore than you want to be engaged in work, you can just highlight the text, and that should allow you to read the text.

In summary, SPOILER ALERT: Highlighting the text will allow you to read the location name.

After a nice breakfast, compliments of Best Western, we packed up our gear and headed out to explore the city some more. We decided to head towards a really large park on the map called Városliget. Just outside the park is what is known as Heroes Square, which is a large open space with roman-like pillars and statues placed on top and on bottom of the columns. The statues commemorate the seven tribes that joined together to make Hungary. At the time of the commission, Hungary was still joined with Austria, so some spaces were intended to include leaders from there as well. By the time the square was finished though, 1900, the alliance had dissolved.


From here we walked straight into the park and enjoyed the views of Vajdahunyad Castle. It had a moat like surrounding, with some playful sculptures in the water, like a house seemingly tethered to the castle. Inside the moat, you walk under a gate that makes you think of Disneyland (how sad is it that I think of medieval gates as Disney-like? Instead of thinking of it as real and historical, my brain classifies is as make-believe) and then appear between some building dripping in statues. It reminded me of the front yard of an avid lawn ornament collector. It was particularly bright out that day, so you couldn’t look at the statues for too long, without your eyes watering uncontrollably.



Beside these buildings was a statue of a man called “Anonymous.” This statue really peaked my interest, maybe because he had a restaurant named after him nearby, and once I was back at home I looked him up. Anonymous, in relation to Hungarian history, is a man who chronicled the early history of Magyars, and to this day no one knows who he was. Magyars are native Hungarians.

From this part of the park we followed the sound of music to another small festival. Which was awesome. It wasn’t clear what kind of festival is was, but it had a lot of green energy and sustainable life-style, themed booths. I was really excited about that, because in the States that festival would be squished by Big Oil.

We found a few booths of Hungarian food, and we bought ourselves a Kürtőskalács. Also known as a Chimney Cake, these are traditional pastry treats that are made by wrapping dough around a cylinder and then roasting the dough over an open grill. Once the dough is nearly done it is rolled in sugar, coconut, or cinnamon sugar and then put back on the grill. The heat melts the sugar, giving the pastry a crispy sugar crust.


After this we tried to save a hurt raven. But it’s raven friends got made at us for getting to close. They were very upset with us, but we were only trying to help.

We continued along the festival, in search of a bathroom which were all inexplicable locked. Seriously, what festival doesn’t have toilets. We had a good time being silly, looking at yummy foreign candy, and taking pictures next to the funny statues and structures. We passed a second festival on the other side of the park in a large parking lot, but it looked uncomfortably like a skin head gathering, so I promptly pushed Jeff along.



We had a train to catch to (Where was Niki Episode 2 City) so we slowly meandered to the train station. It was a three hour train, after which we had a 4k (2.5 mile) walk to our hotel. My mood slowly moved to the cranky side of the spectrum during this part of the trip, but we can leave that for the next post.

Some non-travel related updates on my life:

  1. I was accepted into the Basel School of Design! After a terrible interview I didn’t think I would get in, but for some reason they accepted me. So here’s to a Master’s degree and more debt! ::raises wine glass::
  2. I will be back in America on July 1st, and back in Seattle on July 7th. I’ll be there for a few weeks while I apply for my student visa.
  3. I finished my “professional” website! www.nikilesniak.com I taught myself and wrote all the CSS and HTML myself, so it is very minimalist, but I am proud of it and I learned a ton. Please check it out and show all your friends who need a designer.

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  1. WOOT for graduate school (I'm so proud!) and your boyfriend is adorable. Sadly, I won't be in Seattle/Washington in July (boo!) but if for any reason you want to visit Texas (yeah, okay…lol) you're welcome. Love you!


  2. Omg, I don't care what you say, we are hanging out on the 7th, what time do you get in. I leave early on the 8th for basically the whole month of July.. God hates us…

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