Roam Flashback: Great Ocean Road, Australia

I am not sure if Blogger can handle the amount of beauty about to be thrown on its server…


One afternoon in Melbourne, we rented a car and started towards the “Great Ocean Road,” which Jeff had heard about in Sydney. We had a bag of fruit, bread, and cheese, and we were ready for the 354km trip to Warrnambool (Warn-um-Bull) along the B100.


We stopped at the first beautiful beach we saw, which was Bell’s Beach. It was a huge beach with waves breaking atop each other. We didn’t stay too long, we still had a lot of road to cover.

Our next stop was for lunch at a Maritime preserve with a large rock pillar called Eagle’s Rock. We ate our lunch here, which must of made us sleepy because once we were back on the road, we soon had to stop again for caffeine and car-sickness medication. The mini-mart attendent recommended ginger beer for my carsickness and I was skeptical, but was willing to drink it to be rid of the nausea. Little did I know, ginger beer is the best soda ever. It’s not easy to find in the states, and the stuff in England isn’t quite as good, sadly. In the car as I’m raving about the delicious ginger beer, Jeff almost hits a man kneeling on the side of the road (not Jeff’s fault, curvy road that he couldn’t see around the corner, and the guy wasn’t really that much to the side). We both are kind of shocked and I look to see what that was about, and we saw this little guy on the side of the road.

We pulled over and I soon became the tourist kneeling to take a photo and nearly getting hit by cars.

This little guy was trying to get over the guardrail to the nice forest on the other side, I thought about picking him up and just plopping him over, because I was scared he would be hit by a car, and he was so slow moving I thought I could do it before he even could react. Then I looked at those claws on his paws, and decided he probably knew what he was doing.

With this new excitement of seeing a koala, we had a new energy as we continued down the Great Ocean Road.


We drove for a few hours until our next break. We were trying to make it to the “12 Apostles” which are 12 large rock pillars, which 10 of them stick up out of the water. We stopped at a place called Gibson’s Steps and went down to the beach, down about 50m or so, which is where the first of the 12 apostles was.

And because the koala wasn’t enough, we saw this little guy on the way down to the beach.


After romping around on the beach for awhile, congratulating ourselves on our mastery of spotting Australian wildlife, we continued on to the rest of the 12.

We spent a good amount of time enjoying the 12 Apostles. While we were more or less alone at all the other parts of the beach, suddenly we were surrounded by people here. We snapped a few photos, swatted at a few flies, and then continued our drive to find a more secluded sunset.

We watched the sun go down at the Bay of Martyrs, which was an absolutely beautiful area. The sun made all the dirt a fiery orange, and the water was so clear and turquoise that you could see the coral below. We waited until the last part of the sun dipped below the horizon.

After the sunset we drove the rest of the way to Warrnambool, where we got a room in a youth hostel and went out for a beer at the local tavern. The next day we drove back to Melbourne along the inland highway to save time. If we had driven along the Great Ocean Road, we would of been on the inside lane, and thus unable to see as much of the coast line, so driving from Melbourne towards Adelaide  puts you closer to the beaches.

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